We provide to our customers best practice software in order to comply whit customs law. the annex24 or exhibit24 (BMS Customs System) is a software Designed to support all operations of import-export.

the system run in windows OS and can be handle in MSSQL or ORACLE. the version available are:

  • LEASING - BMS Customs System®
  • PROFESIONAL - BMS Customs System®
  • STANDAR - BMS Customs System®
  • ENTERPRISE - BMS Customs System®


Training & go live operations: takes 15 days just in case the company do not require additional change for the operations. Users certification of competence or skills abilities in customs compliance will take 15 hrs and will be update every 12 months.

all versions must be cover by annual license agreement and include:

  • VAT Certification module.
  • Compliance annex24.
  • Compliance annex31.
  • Entry summary control (US Customs).
  • Nafta 303 report.
  • Nafta analysis module.
  • Users by license.
  • Cristal report.
  • Mysql inside the system.
  • User profiles.
  • Datastage integrity risk analysis.
  • MRP inventory comparative.
  • Historical log of backflush process.
  • Around 30 COMBINATIONS of backflush process.
  • Automatic updating from cloud.
  • Excel friendly.
  • Interface with mexican broker (EDI file).
  • Interface with broker (EDI file).
  • EDI file validation from broker weekly.
  • Interface with multiple MRP (Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Infoflow, MFGPro).

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